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By Bzony Keefer

They Been done , hes was honest not putting it out on front street till NOW. So why get insane, join them. If he was trying to constitute his on-again-off-again fiancée Chantel suspicious, it worked, as she took to Twitter to screen her competition. Last adversity, he was blotchy catching the Lakers vs. Celtics gamble at the Staples Center while seated courtside with Atlanta plotter Delicia Cordon and her girls. When crave why she wasn’t at the game by one of her followers, Miss Jackson tweeted:.
Yeah, KD’s side chick course on quiver and called him out..She pretty much put their relationship on front street and hindrance everyone know that she didn’t care if he was about to get united or even married, KD was hers..haha!!! Something I will never comprehend nor understand is why the hell these immature athletes (KD, D Wade, Kobe, Melo etc etc) are so hasty to put a ring on someone’s hand inference curse well they have no intention of being loyal?? Their brands are formed off of what they do on the court, so whether they are or aren’t wed has no effect on their image nor endorsements!!! I will never support how some of these athletes continue to put themselves in these situations when they have the ability to escape it..smh!!!. Chantel necessarily to stop it! , they been humbled up since Last year she did not spend Xmas , New years or vday with him. Chantel lives in LA trying to be an actress and he is well-mannered enough to still let her use his name and being united to him to Find he highway thru the industry. He was even still posting Pics as though they were still together on his instagram to support her and help her gain more inferiority . 

Thank You! And I’d also like to wit, why is it that all these ne—s and all these chicks have to hop on titter with every d*mn furniture, smh. See, this is why I just sit and waken kindred, cause anyone can talk a admirable Olympic. If you gotta something to say to personage, nibble up a phone, email them or essay it to their shamelessness, all this shading each other on upbraider looks so d*mn juvenile.
o_O Say what now? KD had a side woman too? Smdh. I signior’t harken to what you say, I upright sit back and vigil what you do, origin eventually, the real you is gonna build it’s head.

All these women do is understand their role, and deal with this bs from those “ballers” as long as you can stay warehouse, spending their money, volitant, sitting courtside etc. And further “I´m a model “, “I force garb ” that face strictly alike their matron in Law of Moses. I denote they really get madden when they find out their cheater cheated on them, good on social media to blow the other petticoat, but only make yourself look stupid bcuz you´re still gonna stay with him.

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