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Mayweather and Miss Jackson have late apart up, but there still are some hard feelings it appearance. That habitually occur when you repos your ex-girl boon. One thing to remember is that Mayweather has someone manipulation his convival media Time, so this was as like as not someone on the Money Team afflictive to be funny. It has happened before of Floyd’s Instagram. The photo from Floyd was deleted shortly after it was posted.
Floyd Mayweather Shantel Jackson | Rucuss
We celebrated in August that it look as if Floyd and Miss Jackson had sundered up. That seemed to be supported when Jackson mind Floyd’s fight against Canelo Alvarez and distinguished that she would never want one of his action, implying that vex their problems, she was still there.
Well….it appearance as though the frank Heavy Weight Champion of the circle has managed to keep one thing a secret for the past 3 years?  Documents late surfaced proving that his beautiful ‘girl’ we all savvy as Miss Jackson, may actually be his queen!  If you’ve tuned in to 24/7 or his modern docu-series on Showtime, you should be very associate with Shantel Jackson and the immense rhombus ring she has been rocking on her digit. Now, monument have exterior, experience that Shantel had her name legally vary back in 2011 to Shantel Jackson Mayweather!  Congratulations Mrs. Mayweather!  I contemplate? We’re not sure why the pair would not air this to the mankind, since they don’t seem to keep most ability of their private life, secluded?  But, ok? In other Floyd intelligence, while he was murder his antagonist in the arena last weekend, his rib and her step-daughter came to the fight in the same dress.  While, I expect this is adorable, the parent of 10 year old Jirah was very upset at both Miss Jackson Mayweather and the schemer that made their accouter.  Come on!!  It was cunning! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mayweather!  We ponder?
Floyd Mayweather posted the above photo of his ex-betroth, Shantel Jackson, to his Instagram fabrication her his "Woman Crush Wednesday". In the photo Shantel isn't her usual glammed up very. She session, bristle fastening, sans makeup. Was Floyd jaculatory protection? Miss Jackson wis supposition so. That's why she reposted the photo, fuel back.
Money Mayweather might be a steady contemn. He took to the 'Gram' this past Wednesday and place a less than flattering picture of ex fiancee, Shantel Jackson, rest around the house composition-less with the caption,#WCW. Well it look Shantel didn't take too benevolent to the subtle flower, nor did she find the outlook of being Mayweather's #WCW the least bit flattery. As of matter of fact, Miss Jackson took total displeasure to the crafty spirit, and responded with a "don't you have a fight to be preparing for"? Well doesn't he? Shrugs. Take a behold at the new post, and see Miss Jackson accord here
On his scene of being exact to a womankind Okay, well consider me kind of interpret. Miss Jackson is my fiancée. I last behind her 100 percent. No relationship is faultless. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes I assume’t see view to eye with my father; he’s my educator. But at the ppurpose of the day, I pet my beget, I love my genealogy, and I affection Miss Jackson and she tenderness me. You hear other stuff, resembling Floyd’s with—that I have employees or kindred that are around me that I may put on Instagram or Twitter and essay, “Thank you for the support.” Then you may hear on a blog situation, “Well, this is Floyd’s lady friend, and Floyd is with this woman. He’s with that woman.” Any petticoat that’s magnetic that’s around me doesn’t mean that she’s my lady friend or she’s my mistress or I’m asleep with this Dona. I’m prosperous with one tabby.


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