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Beyond the Door (1974)


Beyond the Door (Italian title: Chi sei?) is a 1974 Italian-American horror film directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis (credited as Oliver Hellman). The film stars Juliet Mills and Richard Johnson, and was released in the UK in a re-edited format as Devil Within Her.


Jessica Barrett is a young mother in San Francisco. Her family and friends begin to notice odd behavior around the time she falls pregnant with her third child. As the strangeness intensifies, Jessica begins to display signs of demonic possession including spinning her head all the way around and projectile vomiting.

Dimitri, a lover from her past, shows up claiming to be able to help her, but it turns out he is in league with the entity possessing her, and is aiding the birth of her child, assumed to be the Antichrist, in exchange for the thing saving his life years before. The film ends with the entity turning on Dimitri, and suggesting all events were done for its own amusement. The entity then kills Dimitri, leaves Jessica's body, and the child is stillborn. At the end of the movie the young boy is seen throwing a toy red car (a symbol of toying with Dimitri) in the bay suggesting that he is the Antichrist.

Production notes

The interior shots were filmed on set in Italy at the Incir De Paolis Studios in Rome, while all exteriors were shot on location in San Francisco. Film Ventures International acquired the film for distribution in the United States for $100,000.

Detailing a woman possessed by a demon, Beyond The Door was labeled a rip-off of The Exorcist. Warner Bros. promptly filed a lawsuit, claiming copyright infringement. The lawsuit failed after it was determined Warner Bros. had no rights to key horror scenes depicted in The Exorcist.

This meant Beyond The Door paved the way for several other "Exorcist rip-offs" (many originating in Italy as well) to see successful release in the U.S and elsewhere. Some of these include Abby, The House of Exorcism, L'Anticristo (The Antichrist) and Seytan.

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