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Ezzard Charles Boxing Career DVD

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(Editor's Note. The fourth fight between Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles, on June 5, 1952, was a close, boring bout in which Walcott retained his title by unanimous decision. Columnist Jimmy Cannon saw the fight differently, however, and believed former champion Charles had done enough to regal the heavyweight championship.)

The heavyweight champion of the world travelled to Municipal Stadium last night in a limousine. But it wouldn't have surprised me if Jersey Joe Walcott had gone home to Camden in a flaming chariot. The car that a normal inhabitant of th earth might consider splendid was a demeaning vehicle for man who was the beneficiary of a miracle. The power o Walcott's faith must have obscured the sight of the referee an two judges.

There is no other explanation why the would present Walcott with this gift of, decision over Ezard Charles. Divine inter vention has to be the reason for their quee tabulation, although the laws of the stat of Pennsylvania specify that boxing offi cials must not be advised by anyone. The saw a vision and reported it, not in th, literature of the scriptures, but in the simple bookkeeping used by fight appraisers.

- It was a reward, undoubtedly, for Walcott's aggressive piety It should be remembered that Walcott is the first pugilist to lis a chaplain as a training camp functionary who was accorded the respect usually reserved for such dignitaries as Felix Bocchiccio The services conducted in the gym in Atlantic City by a preache with hands taped to work should get the credit for this improb able occurrence. It certainly wasn't Walcott's skill.

The message appeared to get to Zack Clayton, the refereewith a forceful clarity. Seldom has a fight magistrate acted wits more passion. It was obvious that he classified Charles a sinned who was profaning Walcott's sanctified person. In excited ha rangues, Clayton demanded that Charles commit no sacrilege or this exalted being. Frequently, Clayton denounced Charles fo^l striking blows that the referee c^!airned were fouls, although they were valid punches. He urged Charles to reform hip ways insisting that he stop this desecration.

At the end of the 15 rounds, Clayton estimated that Walcott on nine rounds and Charles six. The referee's confederate ~ Rent confirmed his evaluation of the course of the fight but were milder in their punishment of Charles. Pete Tomaso, ~ judge, ^ao^Dtnbuted seven rounds to Walton, six to Charles, anc died one as even. The other, Buck McTiernan, was no^l absduteh; ^0han^ceJ and marked his card 8-7 for Walcott. My jottings had Charles ahead, 9-6. It doesn't solve the mystery, but it should be noted that Clayton used to be a basketball player

The common hallucination shared by the deciding trinity was all that made this fight spectacular. It was a replica of their other three contests but could not compare with the last one, when a left hook transformed Charles into a tangled pile. It was fought not in anger but in a mood suggesting despair. Like genuine admirers of the human race, they abhorred inflicting unnecessary pain on one another. They had the timid ferocity ol

ยท bull rabbits, moved slowly as though part of a somber pageant, constantly embraced one another in clinches in postures oi brotherly affection, and plainly proved that man is always the master of the beast that hides in the hearts of the kindest of men.

Until the

round, Charles complemented Walcott's serenity of the spirit and did not molest his companion in bore dom. There are heretics who shall cry that even this effete exertion swindled Walcott of his stamina. But those who knob him best realize Walcott was obeying the most beautiful of al instructions given to man by his guides to happiness.

He turned the other cheek in majestic humility and Charles accommodated him until the end of the fight. But it was with the anger of a mouse, not a tiger, that Charles belabored hit elderly friend of so many tranquil encounters. In that round Charles punched with a right hand that caused Walcott to smile with the tolerance of a man who rises above vengeance. There were other occasions when it seemed that Charles was going tc knock out Walcott, but he managed to avoid his comrade or miss blows, and the opportunities passed.

The crowd in the arena that is, symbolically, on the city dump, were not offended by the result. They sat quietly id the presence of these kindly men but applauded when the verdict was proclaimed.

It may establish a precedent in the fight racket. Guys such as Tommy Ryan, who slugged a referee and a matchmaker, gel locked up. The pure at heart get the duke.

Then there was the remark that Ike Williams, the old light weight champion, made last week when Walcott went to Wash: ington to invite the President to the fight.

"Not even Truman can help Joe," Williarns said.

Someone bigger than Truman did, Ike. That's the only way can figure it. 

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